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Aluminum and Glass Installation for Your Commercial Construction Project

Posted on April 8, 2019

When you want a modern, sleek look for your commercial construction project, you may want to consider aluminum and glass. Having large windows spanning the side of a school, hospital, clinic or other commercial building is a sight to behold. From the inside, individuals can enjoy the rays of sunshine and natural light that floods in. The following are some more reasons aluminum and glass installation work well together.

1. Weight to Strength Ratio

The weight to strength ratio of both glass and aluminum is quite high. This makes them perfect for architectural glass projects, especially those that are multi-level buildings. The lightweight aluminum doesn’t put undue pressure on the foundation or glass, but it holds more weight than you would imagine. While you might think a glass panel would be too delicate, it holds up great in architecture.

2. Safety

Aluminum is fire resistant and some types of glass are fire-rated to a certain degree of resistance. They are also both corrosion resistant, lessening the risk of destruction. Both materials stand up well in harsh weather climates, even when other materials might bend and break.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Glass and aluminum both have a sleek appearance. When the glass is kept clean, it shines and glistens in the sun. With the formability of aluminum, contractors can twist and turn the material as they like to achieve an aesthetically appealing outcome. With advances in technology, aluminum can be colored and glossed to give it a whole other dimension, while glass can be tinted and textured.

Consider Glass and Aluminum for Your Project

The next time you are sitting down with your contractor, ask about glass and aluminum as building materials for your commercial construction project. You might be surprised at the versatility and availability you’ll find. Contact Horizon Glass at 303-835-4399 to learn more about the weight to strength ratio, safety and aesthetic appeal of glass and aluminum.