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How You’ll Know When to Replace Your Commercial Glass Doors

Posted on May 28, 2019

Maintaining a commercial property comes with a lot of tasks that must be handled on a daily basis. While there’s the big issues you’ll have to handle, there are some things you won’t want to overlook. Have you checked out the glass doors lately? If not, you’ll want to check for the following issues to see if you should replace them sometime soon.


Sliding Doors That Don’t Slide

You might just think those sliding glass doors that don’t slide are simply annoying, but there’s a bigger problem at hand. If they don’t slide smoothly and as quickly as they should, your tenants may not be able to get out in time during an emergency. The chaos could cause the glass to break, resulting in more trauma than you had to begin with. Replacing those glass sliding doors could be your best option.


Foggy Glass

There’s a reason you or the previous owner had glass doors installed. With double-paned glass doors, you want to be able to see through them. When the space between the two panes begins to fog, there’s not much you can do to improve visibility but replace the glass. This is most often the result of a seal that’s not sealed anymore, so moisture is seeping inside. When the moisture gets trapped, it begins to fog. Because it’s between two pieces of glass, it just remains and often grows.


Doors That Allow a Draft

A draft at your door means there’s a gap somewhere around it. You should never settle for a door that allows a draft, and your tenants won’t want to settle for it either. Having the glass door properly replaced all together will eliminate the draft so you and your visitors can get back to business without being unnecessarily cold.


Replace Your Glass Doors Today

For more information about commercial glass doors, or to speak with a professional about having yours replaced, contact Horizon Glass at 303-835-4399 today.