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The Beauty of Quality Glass in a Storefront

Posted on July 8, 2019

The front of your business says a lot about your company, and a beautiful exterior is the best advertising you can get. Plus, it instills pride in your employees and draws in clients. Glass for a storefront comes in many shapes, forms, and styles. No matter what you hope to achieve, a glass storefront can accomplish your goals for your building. Glass provides beauty, strength, appeal, temperature control, and more.


The Versatility of Glass

Glass has the amazing power to transform a building from a heavy block of concrete, into something akin to a pillar of light. The visual effects can be stunning from the inside and the outside. Architecturally, it’s possible to make a lot out of a small section of glass, or to go big and create a spectacle. Here are some other benefits of glass:


  • It creates a modern, progressive ambiance for your building
  • Allows customers and workers to enjoy the outdoors while in the building
  • Allows sunshine to enter in the winter and keeps in the heat
  • It’s tough, especially tempered glass, and protects against winds and storms
  • When cleaned it looks good as new


Window systems come in many colors and styles to meet the needs of your company. The frames can be tailored to fit the existing building, allowing for a peaked, arched, or serpentine appearance. Moreover, glass comes in a large variety and you can concentrate on the aesthetics with such things as art glass, or focus on function with bullet-resistant glass.


The Importance of a Good Glass Company

An experienced glass company will let you know about all of the options glass provides. They can also inform you about the best ways to upkeep your glass so that it always looks nice. Horizon Glass works on the principles of safety and quality. To learn more about our services, call 303-835-4399 or send us an email today!