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The Benefits of a Beautiful Glass Storefront

Posted on February 5, 2020

As a store owner, you want to feel pride in the appearance of your place of business. You also want to make smart business decisions that contribute to your bottom line and strengthen your company. A quality, attractive glass storefront can do both. An impressive entryway of beautiful glass brings pride to you and your employees and sends a powerful message to customers. A glass storefront also has many practical benefits.

The Case for Beauty

An attractive exterior to your building could be the best publicity and marketing campaign ever. Everyone who walks past will admire the sleek elegance of the storefront with your company’s name emblazoned on the front. Now, that’s effective advertising. Just consider the opposite: a shabby, dingy exterior will certainly turn off prospective customers. The beauty of glass is legendary and gives you the following options:

  • Attractive doorways that allow for easy access
  • Dramatic glass fronts that draw attention
  • Colorful glass that makes a dramatic statement
  • Custom glass that is unique to your business

A glass storefront can send a variety of messages depending upon the personality of your company. A straightforward design projects the professionalism of your company. An elaborate design suggests your company is on the cutting edge of creativity.

The Case for Practicality

It’s important to consider the practical side of a glass storefront, too. How much space will you be using? Who will do the installation? You will want to find a professional contractor that can provide you with the look you want, but who can also install it correctly. Such things as proper measurements, durable materials, and a sturdy foundation will be critical to your success. It’s also important to understand the maintenance needs of the glass, security issues, heating and cooling concerns, and the strength of seals.

The right glass storefront will bring beauty to your building while ensuring functionality and affordability. Contact Horizon Glass by calling 303-900-5689 or sending us an email today to learn more about your glass options.