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What to Ask Your Glass Specialist Before Hiring

Posted on June 26, 2020

Do you need a glass specialist for your commercial building? When you search for a commercial glass company, you may find that there are many different ones available. How do you know which company to choose? When you call for a consultation, you have an opportunity to ask several questions. Be sure to prioritize the following questions before you make a decision.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Glass specialists should always be licensed. It does not matter how big or small your job is. You should always ask the specialist ahead of time if the company is licensed. If the individuals in the company do not have their licenses, it likely means that they did not undergo adequate training.

Likewise, you need to ask about insurance. Even with the best glass company, accidents can happen. It is your job to ask the specialist if he or she has insurance. Otherwise, you could be liable for any mistakes or injuries that happen on your property.

Do You Have Experience?

Professional experience matters in every industry. While it is true that newer companies may charge you less at first, you may end up receiving subpar work for that price. Inexperienced professionals may not know how to perform the tasks necessary for your specific project. An experienced glass contractor can knowledge from past projects to create exactly what you need while also being less likely to make mistakes.

If you own a commercial building, you will want someone who understands the unique needs of commercial glass. If you are ready to work with a skilled, experienced glass professional, contact Horizon Glass by calling 816-307-2004 or emailing us today!