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About our Company

Horizon Glass is a Colorado legend which began in October of 1978 at the height of the Colorado oil boom. New construction was taking off in Denver and we answered the call for commercial and residential glass building needs. Over the years, Horizon Glass has become the general contractors’ preferred choice for large scale glazing projects in both new construction and renovation. Property and facilities managers rely on Horizon for quality glass replacement and repair services in commercial and residential applications.

As Horizon Glass grew, our commitment to quality and custom craftsmanship continued to differentiate us from local competitors. We began to serve customers throughout the state with unique glass needs and train our growing field installation crews on the proper techniques for custom glass projects and the special conditions required by the rigorous environmental challenges of Colorado.

Horizon Glass is nationally recognized for our fabrication specialties in contract glazing, curtain wall and storefront products, superior quality exterior and Interior window wall Installations and our custom glass and door repair and replacement services. We have recently enhanced our fabrication and assembly facility in Denver to accommodate larger projects and exciting new technology applications that facilitate the installation of aluminum panels, louvers, sunshades, and interior light shelving systems.

Since our inception, safety performance and workmanship quality have been paramount components of our success. Our internal Safety Training and Quality Control programs have been upgraded with state of the art practices and our facility is ranked among the highest in the industry. We believe our emphasis on continually-improving our material delivery and job site logistics processes will position us to meet the growing construction needs of Colorado well into the next decade.

Horizon Glass is an innovator in efficient, environmentally friendly building technologies and we are proud to be recognized as leaders in the LEED efficient building program, with several of our recent projects earning Gold and Platinum designations.

The team at Horizon Glass is highly enthusiastic about the future and we look forward to the opportunity of partnering you on your unique project. We can’t wait to perform for you!

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