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At Horizon, we believe safety is paramount to our success, and we are constantly refining and improving our extensive company safety program. We conduct weekly Shop and Field training and awareness sessions and hold additional group training and safety award meetings quarterly. Our current EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is .59 and continues to improve thanks to the upgrades in our fabrication facility and the commitment of our employees. As part of our commitment, most Safety Committee members, shop and field personnel have received additional training and continuing education programs such as OSHA 30-Hour, OSHA 10-Hour, PPE, Fall Protection, Forklift Driver Training, CPR, and First Aid.


Superior quality craftsmanship has allowed Horizon Glass to rise to the top of Colorado glass fabrication and installation rankings. Horizon Glass will provide a Safety and/or Quality Assurance Program for any project when requested by an architect, owner’s representative, general contractor or property and facilities manager.

Additional steps we take to ensure quality include:

Zero-Punch List

Philosophy/At Horizon we implement a "Zero-Punch List" Operating Philosophy, meaning that we are committed to identifying and correcting any inferior system performance in the initial stages of a job, then monitoring and correcting any deficiencies for the duration of the project to help ensure that there are no 'punch-list' (items to finish after completion) on all our projects. This means an excellent installation and a satisfied customer every time!

Early Coordination and Testing

We start projects by coordinating early with the general contractor and/or any applicable trade specialists to identify any potential problematic areas, particularly in reference to air and water infiltration. Identification and implementation of Isometric 3-D technology in our shop drawings further assists in trade coordination and prevents breeches of the building envelope in preliminary design stages. We also utilize the erection and testing of offsite and onsite mock ups prior to actual construction and conduct field water-testing at select, milestone project completion intervals, (typically 10%, 50%, and 75%) using the applicable testing ASTM criteria and properly-calibrated nozzle.

Guaranteed Performance

All projects are guaranteed to be completed properly and in accordance with the Framing and Glass System Performance Specifications. We ensure that the fabrication and installation of our aluminum curtain wall, storefront, and glazing systems are completed in strict accordance with all published manufacturer’s installation instructions