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Frequently Asked Questions

With thousands of different glazing terms and types of glass on the market, we know the glass industry isn’t always ‘clear’ so we have compiled a short list of our most commonly asked questions below.

Do You Do Residential Work?

Yes. While it is true that Horizon Glass is primarily a subcontract glazing firm and we specialize in commercial construction and renovation, we also have the resources to handle most any residential glass need, and we also proudly offer walk-in customer service as those glass-needs arise. If you are in need of any glass/mirror related assistance, please call us at 303-293-9377 and ask to speak to one of our service technicians.

If I Bring In My Own Glass/Mirror, Will You Cut It Down For Me?

Our technicians are happy to help but please understand that any glass/mirror you provide is provided at your own risk, meaning that we cannot replace it if it is broken during the cutting process. In many cases, this risk is relatively minimal but a good rule of thumb to follow is the thicker the glass, the harder it is to cut which exponentially increases the potential risk of it breaking.

Do You Remove Or Re-use Glass?

If you have any unwanted glass or mirror we can certainly remove it for you at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately we do not purchase pre-owned glass, and with respect to recycling old glass we are presently exploring resources for this.

Do I Really Need Tempered Glass? Why Does It Take Longer To Get?

While it is true that tempered glass is somewhat more expensive than traditional annealed (flat) glass if we are recommending it, it’s because you need it. Tempered glass is made through a process where regular glass is re-heated and rapidly cooled to ‘temper’ it, making it 4 to 5 times stronger. Tempered glass is also considerably safer in that, when shattered, it breaks into small, pebble-like fragments rather than sharp shards. Due to these features, tempered glass is required by universal building codes for use in areas such as shower doors, doors, and certain windows. Unlike standard glass, which can typically be cut to size from stock pieces of glass kept in our shop, tempered glass will immediately shatter when cut, which means it must be manufactured in the correct size and shape. This results in a longer lead time but the benefits of tempered glass are well worth the wait!

Do You Do Automotive Glass?

Unfortunately we do not provide any auto glass services, however, we are glad to try and provide reliable auto glass resources at your request. Just call, and we’ll do our best!