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The Green Advantage of Glass

Posted on March 5, 2020

When you have a commercial building, windows and glass can really complete the design and create a more appealing business. In addition to looks, glass can be environmentally friendly. Learn more about the green advantages of commercial glass.  

Energy Factors

Different window treatments will affect the light that transmits through the window. Some key factors when it comes to energy management include:

  • Solar Factor
  • Visual Comfort
  • U-Factor
  • Reflective Heat Gain

The solar factor measures the solar and radiant energy and the proportion of absorbed solar energy. Visual comfort, on the other hand, is the visual light transmission. The solar factor and the U-factor contribute to the heat gain, whereas the U-factor itself measures the insulation between the outdoors and indoors.

Lower Energy Usage

Low emissivity glass reduces heat loss and gain while controlling the glare. Contractors can install a variety of laminations and coatings to achieve the desired effect. Your choice depends on your climate and the placement of the glass. High-performance coated glass, for instance, reduces the need for constant HVAC system use. Not only will the occupants of the building feel more at ease in comfortable temperatures, but you will save on the heating and energy bills.

The glass can keep the building’s temperature low during the day but then retains any heat at night. This reduces how much energy you need when it comes to temperature regulation.

Attractive Building Design

In addition to its energy-saving capabilities, an efficient glass can make your building appear attractive and comfortable. Even if your main interest is to have a cost-effective option and energy-saving glass, you can also reap the benefits of beautiful glass windows. Your building may appear more upscale and attractive.

If lower energy costs and an attractive business are important to you, then you may want to look into glass for your commercial building. Contact Horizon Glass for commercial glass and glazing by calling 303-900-5689 or emailing us today!