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Top Glass Door Mistakes That Business Owners Make

Posted on September 10, 2019

Your business’s entrance is the first impression to clients and potential customers. Unfortunately, doors are one of the most ignored components of your business. If you want to save yourself a costly glass repair, don’t make these mistakes.

Entrance Problems

Some doors are too small. If you have a narrow entrance and your door is right off the sidewalk, then you may want to install a door bumper. This can help you make sure that your glass door does not chip or crack. You can also install pneumatic door closures so that the door always shuts softly. In addition, you may have doors that are hung off-centered. If your doors are misaligned, you are going to experience damage over time.

Object Problems

It can be nice to decorate your storefront with plants and decorative pots. The truth is that this kind of décor can make the business look more inviting. However, you need to be careful about your placement. If you set pots or planters too closer to the door, you may end up breaking the pot or cracking the glass door. Before you choose a permanent place for your planters, make sure to test a few spots to ensure that you won’t break your pots or door later.

Weather Stripping Problems

All doors have a rubber weather seal that protects the frame from moisture and the weather. In addition, it ensures that you can shut the door tightly. As time passes, the strip might become loose and cracked. If you practice preventative maintenance, then you should always check the weather stripping. If you have to replace it or fix it, then you should do so as soon as possible. Weather sealing helps regulate the temperature inside.

Your glass door is an investment that you cannot afford to replace regularly. Try to keep up with maintenance to ensure that your door remains effective. To learn more about glass door repair, contact Horizon Glass by calling 303-900-5689 or emailing us today!