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What is a Glazier?

Posted on March 7, 2016 Tagged: ,

Window Replacement

When selecting the company to install glass in your new commercial building or your new home, you will run into the word “Glazier.” For many after checking into it Glazier seems like it’s the same thing as a window replacement specialist. A Glazier cuts and installs new windows too, so obviously they are the same thing, right? It turns out there are some differences between a Glazier and a Window Replacement Specialist. Knowing those differences will help you make an educated choice for your window needs.

A Glazier specializes in replacing glass specifically. If you’ve broken your window or you are just not fond of your current pane of glass a Glazier is the best choice for you. However, if you need a frame you will want a Window Replacement Specialist. Of particular note if you want to replace your current single-pane windows with double or triple paned windows you will need a Window Replacement Specialist because these changes require a new frame. The difference between these two specialties relies on the frame.

At Horizon Glass, we have specialists in both fields. We were voted into Glass Magazine’s list of Top 50 Glaziers; our experts can choose, cut, polish, and install your dream windows with the skill and care your business or home deserves. Additionally, our Window Specialists can create custom frames to ensure your window is customized exactly to your specifications – no matter what challenging shape or size you may have in mind. Call us today at 303-293-9377 and request your Glazier, or Window Replacement Specialist, today!

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