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Why You Should Consider Glass Railings

Posted on December 3, 2019

Contemporary designers have used glass in their designs for ages. From ceiling-to-floor windows to mirrored walls, glass brings class and beauty into any commercial space. It allows light to flow unfettered through offices and stores, opening up even the smallest of spaces.

Yet, one area many property managers don’t often think to use glass is on the rails. Glass rails raise the level of sophistication in any place, provided that you take the time to keep them clean. Here are a few reasons you should consider this design feature.

You Serve High-End Clients

Glass railings aren’t the only classy option on the market. Still, many would argue it’s among the best. Paired with the right finishing touches, the use of glass may appeal far more to your high-end clients than wood, metal, or bulkier material types.

The View Is Worth It

Do you have a nice view across the corridor or down below? Why block this with solid materials? Glass allows people to see a building in its entirety with just a slither of translucent material in-between. While not everyone who enters your building may be an expert in architecture and interior design, people nonetheless admire beautiful spaces.

The Spaces Feel Less Cramped

Even if you own a large commercial center, if the corridors are narrow and the stores are sectioned off into small bites, spaces can start to feel cramped and cluttered. Open them up with glass railings to ease the feeling of claustrophobia many people may have.

They’re Tougher Than They Look

One of the top reasons many property managers refuse to use glass is that it looks fragile. This is an illusion. While glass certainly breaks more easily than you can break wood, it requires extreme force to break the reinforced glass used for railings. You will notice many also include an outward band of wood or metal to put some distance between the glass and people or objects.

Do you think glass railings would add a nice touch to your commercial space? Contact Horizon Glass by calling 303-900-5689 or emailing us today to learn more!