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Fixing Door Issues This Winter

Posted on November 4, 2019

If your door isn’t closing properly or you feel a cool breeze around it this winter, it may be time to hire a professional contractor. Winter can bring about a number of issues related to your door, particularly if your door includes a window. In order to fully restore your commercial doors, you must know what issues to look for. Discover the signs of weather-related damage that could be affecting your commercial doors.

Damaged Weather Stripping

Your commercial door has an insulated strip surrounding the door. This prevents heat from escaping your building in winter. Unfortunately, heavy traffic can damage or dislodge your weatherstrip. Inspect the seal around your commercial building’s exterior doors. When closed, there shouldn’t be any cool air or sunlight around the perimeter of the door.

Cracked or Missing Glass

As temperatures swing and you turn up your thermostat to keep your customers warm inside, your exterior glass surfaces are exposed to a wide range of temperatures. Temperature changes, accidental impacts, and other factors can crack your exterior glass. Be sure to promptly repair the windows on your doors to prevent heat loss and protect your commercial building from intruders.

Improper Glazing

Finally, old glazing can prevent any windows on or around your door from sealing properly. Over time, glazing can dry out and fall off, particularly if it was improperly installed the first time. Choose a professional window team to assess your heat loss and glass stability. An expert glazing team can provide you with a firm, reliable hold.

Request a quote today to discover how Horizon Glass can restore your exterior windows and doors. Whether you need a replacement window pane for your commercial building or the window on your door needs to be glazed, Horizon Glass can offer you the comprehensive professional services you need. We will work to maintain your commercial building, reduce your heating bill, and protect your investment this winter. Call 303-900-5689 or email us today!