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Glass is Not Simply Glass

When trying to order a piece of glass, many people might not realize that there are thousands upon thousands of different glass types on the market today, all with different uses and characteristics. Glass comes in different thicknesses, strengths, colors, coatings, and, in many cases, multiple panes (referred to as ‘lites’) of glass are sealed together into different types of units for use in items such as windows and car windshields.

As a subcontractor in the glazing industry, we have worked with just about every form of glass & mirror imaginable. Which means we can get just about any type of glass in any size or shape for virtually anyone in need. If possible, our services technicians will even cut a glass or mirror to size for you while you wait! On the other hand, certain types of glass, such as tempered and insulated units, actually cannot be cut without breaking which means a slightly longer lead time as they must be ordered/manufactured to the required size.

Pricing and the amount of time it takes to fulfill an order completely varies based on the size, type of glass, and edge-work that might be required so please call us at 303-293-9377 to speak to one of our technicians or consult our ordering guide here (Link to ordering guide PDF).


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