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Colorado's leading provider of exceptional glass work, specializing in stylish storefronts, facades, and accents for new constructions and existing systems. We excel in renovation and restoration, committed to enhancing spaces with top-quality commercial windows and doors for a functional, stylish finish.

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Safety and Excellence

Unwavering Commitment to Safety & Quality

Zero-Punch List

As a project is completed, Horizon maintains a "Zero-Punch" philosophy. This means that it is our intent to identify any flaws throughout and insure that the end result lives up to your expectations, ensuring that customer satisfaction and optimum product performance is provided upon turnover.

Early Coordination and Testing

At the onset of each project, we collaborate closely with general contractors and trade specialists. This proactive approach, aided by our use of Isometric 3-D technology in designs, ensures seamless trade integration and prevents any envelope breaches, right from the design phase.

Guaranteed Performance

Every project undertaken by Horizon Glass comes with a quality guarantee. Adhering to the Framing and Glass System Performance Specifications, we make certain that our aluminum curtain wall, storefront, and glazing installations align perfectly with the highest industry standards.

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Why Us?

Unparalleled Glass Expertise

Horizon Glass isn’t just another glazing company. We fuse decades of mastery with innovation, creating impeccable spaces every time. When perfection and professionalism matter, our clients know there's no better choice than Horizon

Committed to Our Community

At Horizon Glass, we believe that our true success is interwoven with the well-being of our Colorado community. Beyond our primary service of providing stellar glass solutions, lies our heart a genuine passion and dedication to uplifting and supporting our local community.

Horizon Glass stands shoulder to shoulder with esteemed organizations, dedicatedly working to make a difference. Our continuous efforts in community engagement and development highlight our commitment to a thriving and connected Colorado.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect regarding lead times for materials?

While lead times for materials can fluctuate and are sometimes beyond our control, it's a challenge our competitors face as well. We're committed to keeping our clients informed about any potential changes or delays.

Is it possible for you to match and replace my existing materials, like glass and metal?

Yes, we specialize in matching materials and can seamlessly identify and replace existing ones. Our clients trust us to provide a consistent and harmonious finish when replacing materials.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your projects?

Ensuring the highest quality and utmost safety is fundamental to our operations. We follow rigorous quality control procedures and adhere to industry-leading safety standards to guarantee both the excellence of our work and the safety of our team and clients.

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