Renovation / Specialty

Every restoration tells a story. Whether to modernize or maintain, our craftsmen impeccably intertwine fresh materials with the timeless essence of the original build, rejuvenating its character

Renovation & Specialty

Horizon Glass has built a quality reputation for excellence in renovation projects with a dedicated full service glass support team ready for action anywhere in the state. Our glass renovation team and decorative glass specialists combine unique skill sets with a passion for restoring the beauty and functionality of older structures.
Glass renovation may involve the removal of older window systems which have outlived their service life. New, architecturally appropriate replacement windows are then installed, which can provide significant improvements in comfort, energy usage, aesthetics and security. At the end of a successful glass renovation, occupants experience an improved standard of living, while retaining the beauty of their historic residence.The Horizon Glass project management and field crews take great care in effectively coordinating window removal and installation schedules on each renovation project with minimal inconvenience to the building occupants.
Horizon Glass is a market leader in specialty and decorative glass installation. Our core competencies in this field emphasize tenant improvement and interior glazing work scopes such as:

Interior Glass Doors and Side Lights
Heavy Tempered All-Glass Doors and Fixed Panels
Sliding Glass Doors/Partitions
Clerestory Glass Partitions
Art, Decorative, Back-Painted, Obscure Glass Panels
Decorative, Opaque, Sun Control Glass Films

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