December 19, 2018

Installing Clerestory Glass Partition Walls Create an Oversize Impact on Property Rental Values

Glass partition walls have become very desirable in commercial (and residential!) rentals now. Visibility, spaciousness and natural light all significantly increase with strategic glass partition installation. Natural light has a dramatic impact on employee health and productivity, and clerestory glass partition walls are by far the best way to spread it further indoors.

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December 19, 2018

What Are Clerestory Windows?

Think of the glass windows well above reach in your college gym, high-end residential real estate or your local church. They were designed to allow a lot of light in without having an impact on privacy. Typically, they take into account the ideal angles and elevations for maximum sunlight, although they also need to consider architectural needs. These are clerestory windows.

In businesses and commercial buildings, the clerestory glass partitions are a little lower – often immediately above doorways and walls – but they serve the same purpose. Natural light passes much further inside when free of obstructions; hence the clerestory in the partitions. Clerestory windows are also used for improved ventilation, and some can be opened and closed at will.

How Do They Impact Property and Rental Values?

Glass partition walls have been successfully used for decades to open up rooms and create an airy workplace with greater natural lighting. When they include clerestory, they are full ceiling-to-floor walls that divide rooms without a sense of losing space.

Surprisingly, glass partition wall systems can be more affordable than typical walls made from more common materials, such as drywall or cinderblock, even ignoring the added value to the property from the greater perception of large, well-lighted spaces. Many commercial clerestory glass partition walls are scalable and can be moved and reconfigured to create custom spaces that are simple to change.

Who Installs Them?

For proper installation you need an experienced window replacement specialist who can design and install frames around the glazing. Horizon Glass, specializes in providing services for property managers and commercial building owners. With over 30 years’ experience, our trademark customer service and premier craftsmanship have been evident in the many major projects we have been asked to design. Give us a call today at 303-293-9377!

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